Mastering Email Design

By Alex Mastrianni posted 09-10-2014 16:24


Designing for email is different than designing for the web or print. This collection of resources will help you build beautifully designed emails that engage your audience and achieve great results.

Introduction to Email HTML: A Crash Course

Informz HTML Template Designer, Kevin Allen, provides a foundation in understanding HTML to help you understand the basics and get you started in taking control of your email design. Check it out!

HTML Best Practices for Designing Email

The top (lucky) 13 best practices to follow when designing HTML email. Read the list.

How to Create an Advanced Template

An advanced template is the foundation of an Informz mailing. It defines the structure and layout of the email and establishes the graphical presentation. Learn how to create an advanced template.

Inserting Content Codes in a Template

A step-by-step guide for inserting content codes into a template. Check it out.

Send-to-a-Friend: The Best Way to Forward and Email

A “send-to-a-friend” button or link allows subscribers to forward messages without compromising the original rendering of the mailing. You can even capture email addresses that subscribers forward to. Learn how to do it.

Responsive Design FAQs and Tips

The most frequently asked questions about the newest email design buzzword. Read the list.

The Email Marketer’s Guide to Responsive Design

Everything you need to know about whether or not to implement responsive design, its limitations, and how to do it. Download the guide.

Outlook Spacing Issues: The Page Break

Outlook 2007 and 2010 are notorious for adding unwanted space in your email. Here’s how to troubleshoot if they rear their ugly heads in your email. Read more.