Getting Started with Email Testing

By Alex Mastrianni posted 09-10-2014 16:26


No matter how high your email campaign’s open and click rates are, there is always room for improvement. Informz testing tools provide you the opportunity to learn what works best for readers so you can open the door to more engaged readers.

How to Conduct an A/B Split Test

New to testing? Check out this post to help you get started with A/B split testing. Read more.

See how to set up A/B testing in Informz.

A/B Testing- Send to Winner

An Informz feature that automatically sends a better performing version of a mailing to the remainder of your target group. Learn more.

Test for Success Webinar Recording

Take a tour of the testing tools available in Informz. Learn how to make the most of your subject lines, design features, content, and more! Watch the recording.

Subject Line Testing

This guide shares how three different organizations improved their open and click rates just by testing the subject lines in their emails. Get the guide.

The Best Subject Lines of 2015

Data to inspire your subject line testing plan. Watch the webinar recording here.

Get The People's Choice:Best Subject Lines of 2015 here.