The Beginners Guide to Email Subject Lines

By Alex Mastrianni posted 09-10-2014 16:29


An email’s subject line is an important factor in determining if your email will be opened or not. In fact, we recommend that 50% of your email creation time be spent on crafting a strong subject line. Yup, it’s that important. Here are a few resources to help you create winning subject lines:

Subject Lines Made Easy

Subject line creation is not an easy process. There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to crafting a subject line – it has to be a good one! If you’re struggling with the subject line creation process, read these simple tips (backed by data), for a little inspiration. Get the guide here.

Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened

When we looked at data from over 5,000 A/B split tests, a few words and phrases jumped out to us that consistently generated higher open rates. See what they were.

Top 10 Subject Lines

We are often asked about what makes a great subject line. Read this post to see the subject lines that got the highest open rates. You’ll see that relevancy is the key to success.

Subject Line Benchmark Data

Our annual Email Marketing Benchmark Report continues to show that subject lines with fewer characters continue to outperform longer subject lines. See the data here.