Improving your Email Marketing Efficiency

By Alex Mastrianni posted 09-11-2014 16:17


We know that time equals money. That’s why we have created numerous tools, features, and services to help you streamline your processes and improve your email marketing efficiency. Here are a few resources we've created that'll help you find new and efficient ways to do things in Informz:

Infographic: Improving Email Efficiency with Informz
See how Informz can help you save time and money with our tools, features and services. Check out the infographic here.

eBook: It’s Easy Being Green
Learn how you can improve your return on investment, non-dues revenue, and efficiency.

Get tips on improving efficiency here.
Download the full eBook here.

Communications Calendar
Learn how you can use the Informz Communications Calendar to keep you (and your team) organized. Learn more here.

The Reviewer
Get your messages out the door faster with the Informz Reviewer! The Reviewer will reduce the time it takes to gather comments and make changes to Informz mailings. Learn about The Reviewer here.

Integrated Online Content

Save time with our tools that allow you to integrate online content into your email campaigns. See how-to videos on RSS Feeds and Snag Mail with the links below.

RSS Feeds Overview
Snag Mail Overview