Re-Engaging Inactive Subscribers

By Alex Mastrianni posted 09-10-2014 16:39


When subscribers stop opening and clicking on your emails, it’s not a good sign. When subscribers never open your emails? That’s even worse. We like to call these people “emotionally unsubscribed.” These people are not just ignoring your content: they are hurting your email marketing metrics, chipping away at your email block, and actually affect your deliverability.

In Informz you can identify your “emotionally unsubscribed” by viewing this report: Mailing Summary Report > Analyze Subscribers > Subscribers Emailed & Opened and take a look at the Unique Subscribers Opened chart.

For more information on how to approach a re-engagement campaign take a look at these resources:

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Client Success Stories

National Kidney Foundation embarked on a re-engagement campaign to increase their below-average open and click-thru rates in their monthly enewsletter. The campaign  resulted in an increase in open rates by 155% and click rates by 14%, and the re-engagement of over 13,000 subscribers!

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Learn how the Toy Industry Association executed a three-phase initiative that resulted in a 67 percent increase in clicks and 56 percent increase in opens of their monthly enewsletter.

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