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My Job title is eMarketing Advisor. I love it - my position is a great combination of technical, training and problem solving. I really do enjoy technical writing and training but I also have an opportunity to work with client to really maximize their communication potential - the ROI (return on investment). Informz is a great software program BUT the real thing that I feel that sets us apart is our teams. We have our professional service groups that can assist with campaigns, strategy and analysis plan, fantastic designers and programmers. Every day is different and I have an opportunity to work with associations all over the world.

Past Jobs:
IT Helpdesk Manager NYS Office for Technology
Technical Trainer - Center for Development of Human Services
Favorite Jobs:
Wife and Mother <3

Painting & Teaching - I am a very creative person and my passion in my free time is painting on canvas. I have found a new practical outlet of painting on glass (wine and cheese plates). This gives me an opportunity to sell functional artwork to people. I sell my work at two Artisan COOPS. One is in Middleburgh NY called the Artisans COOP. This is where I am originally from and this helps me work with others and other members of the community. We were hit very hard by hurricane Irene a couple of years ago and it has been a challenge rebuilding the shop – for the community it demonstrates reliance. My website is